10 Reasons to love-hate U.S. citizens, U.S.A., and their president

10 Reasons to hate U.S. citizens, U.S.A., and their president

1. Their national dance, for the inauguration ceremony of the Olympics, is cheerleading.
2. Their national food is Thanksgiving dinner.
3. They will not sign the Tokyo agreement.
4. They learn their history through Hollywood.
5. They think they can solve anything with a lawsuit.
6. 60% of their population is functionally illiterate (unable to write a letter).
7. They ban the use of "nigger" and think it solves racial issues (or something like that).
8. They claim to be the land of the brave and the home of the free.
9. Each year they spend more money on beer than the amount needed to solve the world´s problems of undrinkable water.
10. They all have Rambo´s personality, Homer´s body and lifestyle, and Bill Gate´s religion.

10 Reasons to love U.S. citizens, U.S.A., and their president

1. They will pay for my education (hopefully).
2. Their president will die, eventually, and he might have painful and ulgy death (the mere possibility is a matter of joy).
3. Cable TV (ESPN).
4. Romance noir.
5. They don´t play foot ball.
6. They seem to be unaware of the concept of "shame", and will actually do anything you tell them to do when they travel around the world.
7. That 5% of the population worth talking to can change your life (from Mark Twain to the girl next door).
8. If they didn´t exist, you couldn´t thank God for not being one of them.
9. Thanks to them you can get married over the internet and still be a normal guy.
10. The End.

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