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Top 100 TV shows: las mejores series de TV que he visto

I´m enjoying like nobody this new golden era of TV. This is my personal list, which I´m sharing in case someone else is in search of the next best thing.

Like many people, I think there´s The Wire, and then there´s everything else.
More than a list of increasing or decreasing order, I want to rate them according to tiers. I accept suggestions, I´m always happy to have new findings.

Más que una lista, voy a hacer un ranking de las series de televisión según categorías de calidad. No voy a pelear por cuál es la mejor, muchas pueden estar en el mejor nivel.

1st tier- Drama, suspense:

The Wire, HBO
Kingdom Hospital, Lars Von Trier (Horror)

1st tier- Comedy:

Fawlty Towers, John Cleese, pre-Monty Python
Curb your enthusiasm
The Brink
Silicon Valley
Black Adder
Orange is the new black

1st tier- websoids/websoides series web:

Tiempo Libre-Martín Piroyanski
You suck at Photoshop
Internet Superstar
Todos contra Juan
Isla presidencial-El chigüire bipolar

2nd tier Drama:

Game of Thrones
Twin Peaks
House of cards
Cowboy Bebop
Samurai Champloo
Battlestar Galactica
Breaking Bad (overrated in my humble opinion)
The Americans
El Patrón del Mal -Please, don´t watch Netflix´s Narcos, watch this one in stead. It was written by people directly affected by Escobar´s violence, and it is more historically accurate. Plus, Colombians speak like they should and not suspiciously Mexican (or gringo) Spanish, which I just find offensive.
True Detective, Season 1. Season 2 was horrible.

Oldies, 3rd tier-still watchable:

Family ties
The wonder years
How I met your mother
Big Bang Theory
2.5 Men
The Cook -British Sit Com
Red Dwarf
Little Britain -this one is overrated, still funny at times

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